AIP/Paleo on the Daily

Welcome! In this post I will walk you through what my daily experience is like being on the AIP diet. Keep in mind everybody’s situation and experiences are different, so my daily routine will likely look very different from yours!

Saturday morning is the time I choose to go to the grocery store for the week. Even though I may end up going to the store some other time during the week, starting my weekend with a full fridge and pantry helps me feel accomplished and ready to tackle anything! While I would love to say I am always on the ball and do my meal planning Friday night, I typically write down some items on my list Saturday morning before hitting the store. I try to have a few meals in mind, but I might slightly wing it while at the store 🙂

After the store on Saturday I like to make a nice big breakfast. I like to make pancakes with eggs, bacon, and fruit. On Saturday there is no work, few commitments, etc. so it is nice to slow down and relax with a big breakfast. For lunch I usually have leftovers from the night before, and dinner is usually a new meal that I make. I like to experiment with new meals on the weekend simply because there is more time to devote to the process and I am not as stressed. Although maybe I should try making new meals during the week because cooking is so relaxing for me!

Sunday is very similar to Saturday in that it is more relaxed. While I do have schoolwork to accomplish and things to prepare for work for the week, I can complete these tasks at a more leisurely pace than during the work week. Meals typically consist of leftovers from Saturday, with a newly made meal for dinner. Do you see a pattern? Leftovers are key to this lifestyle!! I like to devote a small part of Sunday afternoon to meal prep for the week. I usually do not meal prep whole meals, rather I just prepare veggies ahead of time. I chop, process, and package the veggies ahead of time rather than each night, which saves a lot of time!

Then begins the work week! I wake up at 6:15 AM, which gives me plenty of ME time before I leave for work at 7:15. During this time I finish cleaning the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher, pack my lunch, eat breakfast, and watch a little bit of a show (depends on the day what I will watch, but I like to watch Friends, The Big Bang Theory, or Cutthroat Kitchen). This time in the morning helps me to relax and prepare myself mentally and physically for the day. Notice I did not say I MAKE breakfast. Rather than making breakfast fresh in the morning, I like to have leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. This makes things run smoothly!

I am at work everyday until at least 4 PM, sometimes a bit later if there are meetings. The beauty of being on AIP/Paleo is that I do not get hungry or hangry like I used to! It used to be that I needed to eat every 3 hours so that I could function. Not anymore! I can typically go 6 hours without any symptoms of hunger or hanger. 7 hours starts a ticking time bomb though of hanger! So if I will be out for a long time then I need to make sure I have some sort of easy protein. My go to (if I know I will be out a long time) is to make some Instant Pot hard boiled eggs, or if I am out late and did not know I would be ahead of time, then I have a Chomps meat stick (the Italian flavor is AIP approved!). This helps hold me over until I can have a real meal.

When I get home from work I try to have a small snack. Typically an apple with nut butter (nut butter is a reintroduction for AIP) or banana. After my snack I like to do a short 15-30 minute workout. The length all depends on how much time I have! After that I quickly take a shower then begin working on dinner! I have tried to incorporate more Instant Pot meals to help speed things along for the evenings where I am super busy. While dinner is cooking I try to finish up any work I need to do in preparation for the next day, and then I relax for the evening. I like to watch a movie, read a book, craft, clean (yes I enjoy cleaning!), etc. This helps me to unwind and relax from the day and sets me up for a good night sleep.

I try to be in bed at 9:30 so that I can get over 8 hours of sleep. I have found that if I get less than 8 hours I am extremely tired and lethargic the next day. It is so important for everyone, but especially those with autoimmune diseases, to get enough sleep! Sleep is how our bodies repair and heal and without sleep we cannot complete these necessary processes to feel better.

I am sure this daily schedule will change this coming school year. Many things will be happening at once so I will most likely need to overhaul my daily schedule. I will be planning my wedding (yay!), starting my second Masters degree, full time teaching, and many other things! I am excited to see how everything goes, but at that point I will have been AIP (with reintroductions) for over a year, which will provide a strong foundation from which to work.

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